Film & TV Director


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Award-winning film and television director with over 20 years
of experience.

Versatile director and writer who has worked across all genres and formats (from scripted tv series to features to documentaries).

Winner of numerous international awards, including an Israeli academy award (best feature director) and 6 Israeli tv academy awards.

Creative force behind programming that has successfully sold remake rights to the united states to networks such as NBC and lifetime.

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Directed Little Monsters in 2016, a ground-breaking comedy which mixes real-life actors and puppets, broadcast on Israeli channel 2 “Reshet.”

Directed Mossad 101, a 2015 TV action drama series that sold worldwide and premiered on Netflix in North America and the UK, as well as being aired by Turner in South America and across Europe. 

Co-created and directed the TV action espionage drama Ta Gordin, remade as Allegiance on NBC in the US (credited as a Writer) and winner of a 2015 Best Director for a Dramatic TV Series Israeli Television Academy Award. 

Directed the 2013 TV comedy-action series Hasamba Dor 3, which won Best TV Series for Youth at the Israeli TV Academy Awards. 

Directed the 2010 TV comedy-action series Hakol Dvash, winner of Best Director of a Comic TV Series at the Israeli Academy Awards.

Directed Cutting the Cord, a 60-minute documentary for Israeli TV Channel 2 co-produced with Belgium’s RTBF and VRT and Germany’s ARD and MDR; nominated for Best European Co-Production by the EBU.

Directed London Pinat Ben Yehuda, a 6-episode documentary series about the modern Hebrew language which won the 2009 Israeli Academy Award for Best Documentary TV Series. 

Directed Out of Sight (Lemarit Ayin), a 2005 feature film that garnered a Best Director and Best Cinematography at the Israeli Academy Awards; was selected for “Tout Le Cinema du Monde" at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival; won the Ciclo D'or at the 2006 Festival Cinema d'Asiein Vesoul, France; and was remade in the US as Lies in Plain Sight on Lifetime (credited as Associate Producer).

Directed Hallelujah, a 50-minute comedy for Israeli cable television that won Best TV Drama at the 2003 Israeli Academy Awards and won Best TV drama for 2003 at the Haifa International Film Festival; also directed 2 minutes from Faradis, a 50-minute comedy for Israeli cable television that won Best TV drama for 2002 at the Banff Rocky Mountain Film Awards. 

Interviewed major international stars and high-profile entertainment figures for Israeli television, such as Harrison Ford, Richard Gere, Angelina Jolie, Sophia Loren, Nicolas Cage, Robert Altman, and many others.